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They create continuous steam making the cleaning very effective, the equipment is used to spray heated non-aerosol detergent solution onto the carpet pile, the machine then heats its own supply of pre softened water to upto 240 degrees Faahrenheit creating steam.

The steam disperses through the first hose with enough heat and pressure to hit the base of the carpet fibres loosening dirt and grime then within a split micro second the suspended soil particles are instantly extracted back to the waste tank located in the vehicle outside, leaving your carpets dry enough to walk on straight after the clean.

These machines kill germs and completely remove dust mites, grime and stains, they're currently the most powerful carpet cleaning system in the world, they're recommended by the world's leading carpet manufacturers and used by all the major hotel, restaurant and cinema chains, simply because it's the most effective and efficient carpet cleaning system available.

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28 Cathedral Road

Cardiff, CF11 9LJ
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