Ecommercial Cleaning Services

We are keen to work with clients who encourage our commitment to helping individuals get in to employment. For example, some of our staff members have mild learning difficulties and others have experienced homelessness in their lives.

Most of our team are just simply individuals who are happy to be part time cleaners and base their hours around their families or lifestyle. Either way, no staff member will work for us unless we are confident they can be as good as we need them to be.

Some clients are not entirely comfortable in supporting cleaners who don’t come with a decorated resume or glowing cleaning experience which is fine, we have a variety of staff that have the perfect CV. Rest assured, whichever way one of our contracts is serviced, the cleaner will be receiving more than the minimum wage and shall be trained and supported meticulously to ensure excellent standards of cleaning are delivered.

We are keen to support agencies that put less fortunate people at the forefront of their business and that’s what drives Ecommercial Cleaning forward with great passion.